Argem and Jackie wedding film. For Bliss and Berries. 

"Mahalin mo yung anak ko. Alagaan mo yung anak ko kasi alam mo naman kung gaano ko yan kamahal, kung gaano namin kamahal ng mga kuya nya." 

Hirap maging bunso. Lalo na pag babae ka. Pero mas mahirap maging nanay. Lalo na kung kakasal na yung anak mong babae.

Undeniably, these were two of many interesting books I’ve ever read. If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman gave me insights and kind of changed my perspective on death. The whole thing is more than just a love story of Mia and Adam. It pertains lessons on friendship, family and also about career. Yes, career.

I’m kind of way out of what USA Today said about If I Stay (stated on the top right corner of the book) that “it will appeal to fans of Twilight”, because I’m not a fan, even if I’ve read all four books. I believe that you can’t officially not like a book if you haven’t read it yourself to judge.

Back to Mia: I get what she had to go through during the second book. In Where She Went the point of view shifts to Adam and is fast forward 3 years after the ending of If I Stay. I thought that was clever as we got to be in someone else’s thought. No story can be understood just by listening to one side of the story, right?

Though I would have liked a sad ending with Mia and Adam’s closure (because I’m a sucker for endings that I hate), it was still nice for them to finally end up together. Even I felt through their pain and I read these books in a span of 3 days!

Oh, and I’ve started to just download E-books for a while now because I’ve come to a point in my life where I own too many books and if I don’t have a permanent home, I’d hate to carry all of them. I’m a small girl, for crying out loud! But a personal library is still in thought and I’m definitely making that dream happen. So, don’t fret! I still prefer real books than E-books!

I wouldn’t JUST recommend these for Twilight fans. I would recommend these to anyone who loves the combination of love and death.

Malate’s Secret: Cafe Adriatico

I didn’t wanna sit around and sleep the whole day, so I decided to search on the net for places to eat since most of the carinderia around my area are close during this Holy week. My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to Pan de Amerikana, Marikina but decided it on another non holiday when we found out that the LRT and MRT are currently not operating until tomorrow. He suggested a cafe he’s been seeing near his place and when we searched if it was open today, hooray!

I call Cafe Adriatico “Malate’s Secret” because I don’t think a lot of people know about this place. Well, I like to think that it’s pretty hidden. When we got there, though, it looked pretty big to be considered hidden.

I was thrilled to finally discover a cafe that suits the kind of place I love. I have this thing for vintage looking restaurants made of wood. 

The interior was beautiful. To me, it was. It’s not fancy looking and it’s a place I would go to if I wanted a cup of coffee or somewhere to be alone. I asked the waiter if there were more tables on the second floor and he said that it was the smoking area. Okay, 1st floor it is.

I ordered a Baked Macaroni with Garlic Bread on the side for P170. It’s good for one but even with the small portion, it could fill me up until the late night.

Here’s a close up for better drool.

My boyfriend, Drix, ordered Dinuguan at Puto. I don’t eat Dinuguan, but according to him, he loved it.

We also requested fries, but since they didn’t have anymore, we got chips instead for P55. The fries and chips weren’t on the menu so you had to request it.

I also got a Coffee Mint Dream for P135. It wasn’t the best Coffee-Mint drink I’ve ever tasted but whatever that has mint in, makes my day.

He got a Cafe Hazelnut Caramel for P135.

I would come back another day for coffee, but I’d have second thoughts on buying their food. It’s not that it wasn’t good, it’s just over my daily budget. Their other meals, salads, soup, seafood, sandwiches, omelettes, pasta and deserts range from an average of P150 - P500. I did see a US Black Angus Rib Eye steak for a whooping P925. They also have cakes for sale on the display near the counter.

Despite the prices, I do love their ambiance and maybe one day, I’ll  drink a cocktail there. I started to really love that little table by the window. Reminds me of a short film I was thinking about last year. The perfect setting for that short film, maybe?

I give the place 3.5/5 stars.

Address: Remedios Circle, 1790 Adriatico St, Maynila

Phone: (02) 523 7924

If I were to have listened to my parents, I would be in Singapore now and probably gotten a job that they would tell me to get (because they believed that taking video elective back then would get me no where). But if I hadn’t followed my gut feeling, I wouldn’t have learned on my own and landed in the industry where I love. Sometimes it’s good to take risks, guys. We’ll go no where if we don’t break from our comfort zones.

"Bright lights, big city, she dreams of love. Bright lights, big city, he lives to run." 

- 30 Seconds to Mars

We sometimes forget to appreciate the place we live in. Maybe it’s time to put down the gadgets and look around.
I can’t get Bright Lights by 30 Seconds to Mars out of my head for 2 weeks and I decided to go out and try an app I bought in the app store: Slow Shutter. Using only my iPhone, we spent about an hour doing trial and error on the app.
Location: Roxas Boulevard

Birds of Tokyo’s new album March Fires is probably their best. The sound of this album has changed and I think I like this better than their previous albums. And that’s considering that I downloaded all of their albums.

The Fault In Our Stars taught me how important it is to live the moment and to live life to the fullest. It is so important to not be so absorbed with work and the things you’re supposed to do everyday. We sometimes have to look around and be with the people you love. Because one day, we might regret missing the opportunities that make life worth while.


Jasper and Roselyn are getting married! Save the date!

Groom: Jasper King San Jose
Bride: Roselyn Velasco
MUA: Rizelle Joie Dacillo
Photographer: Abby Tuangco
Assistant: Drix Lopez
Location: Pasig Rainforest Park

Early Bird Breakfast Club

Our second time at Early Bird Breakfast Club.
We love this place so much that we saved up to eat here again. Food is a bit pricey but each meal was just right for the both of us.

I’m a big fan of being a first timer in new restaurants. And yesterday, we celebrated our 19th monthsary at Project Pie (finally!). And it’s been months that I’ve wanted to try their pizza.

I absolutely loved the interior of the restaurant. Design is everything and it tells so much about the place. Their super dooper smiling employees were a joy. Their attitude toward customers really brightened up my day. A waitress even explained to me (being my first time) on how to order. I drooled when she said “unlimited toppings”.

The queue, when we arrived, was long and the place was packed. But that wasn’t a problem because they cook the pizzas really fast. What’s more is that they have a “clean and go” policy, which was very cool as I haven’t been in a restaurant with that rule.

After we chose our toppings with our hearts desire, we sat down and admired the simplicity of the interior walls (actually it was only me that admired everything because it was Drix’s second time). Anyway, as seen on the panoramic picture, the walls are filled with quotes from famous people. I also gotta say that simplicity is the best design.

When we got our pizzas (one whole pizza each for us), I was excited. As far as I can remember, my toppings were mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, olives, green onion, garlic, pepperoni, BACON, chicken, mushroom and I can’t remember the rest. Oh, and more parmesan cheese.

When eating it, though, the toppings were quick to fall. I guess it was the cause of cooking the pizza fast. But it was worth it eating at Project Pie and be sure that I’ll come back again.

Divergent on screen was fcking awesome. It really was one of the best adaptations, behind Divergent and Harry Potter 7. I especially felt chills down my arms when Tris rode the zip line. It was exhilarating and exciting. One of the movies I’d definitely watch again in the movie house. Shailene Woodley, you were perfect as Tris. You portrayed her fears well when she entered Dauntless and came out a badass fighter. You truly evolved as an actress since your role as a teenage pregnant girl in The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Just… Outstanding. Now, to download the soundtrack.

There are a lot of older people who ask me why I don’t apply in big companies. Why do what I’m doing now when it doesn’t give me big bucks? People my age get it, but why can’t they? I’m proud of what I do. Whenever I enter the office everyday, I get excited and perky because I get to look at footage where people celebrate love, birth and hope. And when I put those footage together to create a story, it gives me great fulfillment. I guess some people just stopped thinking that it is important to find a job you love. Money will come. Passion will take care of that.


Jasper and Roselyn are getting married! Save the date!

Groom: Jasper King San Jose
Bride: Roselyn Velasco
MUA: Rizelle Joie Dacillo 
Photographer: Abby Tuangco
Assistant: Drix Lopez